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What’s Your Legacy

Michael Farino

Your Legacy by Michael Farino


Everyone leaves a legacy. What will yours be?


Michael Farino

Michael Farino


We are born into born into world with a starting date to a new life. But as I found out at a young age, there is a countdown date, too. Right? And I think of it like this: I will never forget when I was a kid, and my grandfather passed away, and we went to the cemetery. We were walking when my Godfather all of a sudden stopped, and said, “Oh, look at that name! Isn’t that interesting?” And it read Pete Caputo, born with a date, but without an end date. And I said, “What’s that? That’s your name.” He said: “Michael, this will be my resting spot when they bury me.”

This had such a major impact on me that I started to look for my own headstone. I remember people asking me: “What are you doing?” I would answer back: “I’m looking for mine!” My Father said you don’t get one for many years. You just need to worry about how you are going to repay back the gift that God gave you. I was so confused when my Godfather said to me: “Michael, you’re paying your gift back to God. You know, what you do with your life is your gift back to God. What matters is what your legacy is going to say about your life here on Earth.

It has been a year today since I buried my Father. All I can do now is think about my legacy and what it will say about me.

Now, what is your legacy going to say about you? And it cracked me up, because you’re probably going to see your Facebook feeds, your Twitter feeds, your Instagram or Snapchat or whatever stuff you spend your time on.

But in the end, you’re going to have to decide on what matters the most in your life. For most of us it’s going to be your ancestors, your legacy, and your children. .

Then your children’s children will go back and look you up, and they’re going to come across their grandpa or grandma some 20, 30, 40 years from now, on Facebook. And let’s say you were an absolute baller when it came to candy crush! I mean seriously! They’re going to go back and look at what games you played, and how you got to level 360, and how their grandpa or grandma used to be a candy crush master, or even a Pokémon Grandmaster!

And it scared the hell out of me when I first started thinking about that. Apparently, everybody felt that I’ve built a good life but I’ve never really focused on leaving a legacy until my own father passed away. It has taken me a full year to get to this point when I could actually say: I’m okay — it’s time to leave a legacy.

I knew it’s time for me to leave a legacy the day he passed away. But what I really focused on was to accomplish as much as possible in a short amount of time, because, after all, none of us know our own expiration date. Only the one ‘upstairs’ knows it. And he does know when it’ll be the time when the heaven does call. Right?

And so the time has come when I want to know what I will be known for. What am I going to leave? What will be my legacy? What am I going to leave to my children’s children? Am I going to be remembered as a Pokémon expert or as an expert in the candy crush or Mafia wars or any other online games? Or am I going to share information, inspiration, imagination that would tell them what I was like?

See, I want to leave a legacy to my children’s children’s children or my grandsons, my great grandson’s son… I imagine them running home, they just got back from school with friends, just got dropped off by a drone or an electric car.!  And they’re running through this big home,  and they still have their backpacks on and they drop their backpacks to run as fast as they can into the kitchen to get a snack. And all of a sudden, one of his friends stops to look up at the mantel with a fireplace and there’s a big picture of this old dude. And my great-grandson’s best friend looks at him and says, ”Who’s that dude?” And he answers, ”You know, that’s the dude that hooked us up.”

That’s the kind of legacy that I want to leave. What will your legacy say about you?

I want to thank all of you guys for stopping by, and I am going to challenge you to message me down below.

Let’s have a real conversation about this, let’s figure out what kind of legacy you want to leave, and let me help you get to that legacy because that’s what I do best. Thanks for reading this, and have a great day!

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