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6 Steps To Balance

Work/life Balance by Michael Farino


My 6 steps drawing a line in the sand between business and personal. You need this balance to take place because if you’re doing one more than the other, you’re going to lose and you’re probably going to lose both. So, you definitely want to be in balance.


Work/life Balance by Michael Farino



Hey entrepreneur what are your hours of operation? If you’re doing an online business or you’re doing network marketing, direct sales, affiliated, whatever it is, you go to have operating hours so your clients. It’s more important your family needs to know your operating hours. Let’s set some hours , if you already have a 9 to 5 What I want you do is I want you to kick it down a gear and that 9 to 5, don’t put all your energy into that anymore. Try to do what I did. Your company pays you just enough so you can afford quilt. RIGHT? So why not just work enough to not get fired? This solves the problem by not letting the JOB suck the life out of you, so by time you get home, you’re not exhausted.

Now that you have fuel left in the tank what do if you have children? Wait till they go to bed, 8 or 9 o’clock, get the family on a schedule so you’ve your set business hours. For a part time person, go from 8 at night, start your business at 8 and until you faint, until you’re exhausted. Now, you are clear to run your dream into reality. Go crush it.

STEP 2: Closed means Closed Turn of Communications

A lot of people are building businesses through social media now-a-days. So this is what I want you to do. When your operating hours are done, when they’re done you turn off the notifications. Turn off all of your notifications. When the doors are close, the computer is off, now no need to turn off your cell phone, what I’m telling you to do is turn off your notifications. When you have family time or personal time, turn off the notifications! Right? Very important! Okay, you don’t need to get hung up at work, you’ve already downshifted, you’ve given just enough so they can afford, you can they’re paying just enough so you can afford a quilt, but you’re in turn working just enough so you don’t get fired. So, you don’t need to be on your foul if you kicked it down a gear at work. Turn off your notifications; turn off when you’re with your family. Don’t get pulled away from family time because of work. That’s not what this is about. Okay? It’s not designed this way, it’s designed to be and have and do the things with the people you want to. But if you’re not giving them the time they deserve, you’re gonna be out of balance and it is going to implode.


Learn to outsource. Stick at what you know. Systems into place to keep you in production mode not busy mode. Outsource everything you can. You blog? Find guess bloggers 70% of the time. Spend the that that 70%,  pushing your content and 30% in researching your next blog that you write 30% of the time. You in sale maybe sale a product or service on line? Outsource your email sales letters. Spend that time approaching and piquing new clients. The more you can stick to your talents the more results you will find. Fiverr, Aweber, Hootsute , Virtual Admin are great ways to clear your plate. I’ll share some of my favorite resources with you. Check my tap on resources on my site.


Break time, we’re talking about balance. I work in 90 days’ sprints, I sprint for 90 days and then I take a week off. I take a week off to defragment, to decompress and I spend that time with my family. Take mini vacations, even if they’re just extended weekends or weekend go aways, do it because your family needs to see the results of what you’re doing. You be a husband or a wife, you got to start to show the results of what you’re doing. You’re not getting results in the beginning because it does take time. Take little many vacations even if it’s just a drive, maybe a take. Till you ?? and just go drive out of town for you have to take about 150 miles and then around, enjoy lunch, enjoy afternoon giveaway and then drive back on ?? 30 or 40 bucks, maybe 50 bucks whatever it is. I think the pressure is coming down. But these little things are gonna sure your family that you’re now able to decompress and get away from it and I have to freak about it because you’re starting to live. You’re starting to have that balance where the business is starting to grow but you’re also struggling to see these little wins in you and you’re celebrating these little wins. So, every 90 days, I celebrate a win and those 90 days, I take a week off and I take outside, I take them completely away from the rack, I take them anywhere. So, I get them out of town. I surprise the kids that are in college, I will go pick them up and will take them to Savannah for the weekend.


If you don’t outsource, you’re gonna find yourself working harder, not smarter. So, you’ve to work smarter. You consistently wanting to make sure that in your hours of operation that you spend at least, part time, you should be spending 10 to 15 minutes of that open hour, those hours of operation, reading. You need to read, get smarter. Put in knowledge. Anytime that you’re on the way to work, turn off your radio, put it motivational. Pull in an ebook or an audio book in your phone. Play something. Park the farthest away from your office door if you possibly can and that way you can listen to something that is coming into the office. You’re preparing yourself, consistently preparing, you’re working harder on you than you’re doing your business. But when it comes to your business, work smarter. You’ve to outsource, I know I’ve already hit that but wanna to hit that again and again. Work smarter, not harder. Find people that are better than you in the situations that you’re not and let them go with it. You do what you can master. Consistently put in smart stuff in your head!

STEP 6: Get a Mentor or Coach

It’s extremely important that you’ve a blueprint or a playbook. You know, Months before started my high school football, every player gets a playbook, that way they know what they’re supposed to be on the field and how their position is going to support the team in winning. Doesn’t matter if it’s defense or offence, each one of them is designed to make sure that there’s no touchdown or there’s a touchdown. And it’s very simplistic and the best way to get a game player or a playbook is to have a manager or a coach. Well, I’ll recommend have a mentor. Get a mentor! Even if you can afford a really good one, start with somebody, maybe who’s not upline. If you can find an upline who is making the money that you would like to make later on, then go for it. Alright? But if you can find somebody else who can be like your account ability partner until you can afford coaching. And then I highly recommend, you find somebody outside of the company that you’re developing that can actually mentor you, somebody who understands the industry, the ins and outs, somebody who’s outside the web, the company’s bubble because they can see things that you don’t see and they can actually help tweak you and build you into something special within that company.



  1. Erin says:

    Excellent points, Michael! Balance is SO important.

  2. Judy Gunn says:

    Thanks Michael for these tips and they are great to remember while we are building our business online. Appreciate your knowledge

  3. Barbara says:

    Great points Michael😄
    Setting business hours, taking scheduled breaks, mini vacations, outsourcing….it all makes sense😄
    Thank you for sharing this…so valuable😄💖

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