Michael’s 28 Day Mentally Fit Challenge

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September 8, 2016
Michael Farino
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September 8, 2016
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Michael’s 28 Day Mentally Fit Challenge

Mentally Fit by business and success coach Michael Farino

Michael’s 28 day mentally fit challenge

Mentally Fit by business and success coach Michael Farino

It is a challenge to actually, for 28 days, give yourself a checkup from the neck up. And the goal here is to start to clean out some of the gunk and junk; the stinking thinking that’s right there in between those two beautiful things that god gave us. What happens when you’re born, I believe, you come into the world with the most incredible, fastest computer between your ears. Over the years of use, we don’t update the operating system, and don’t change or upgrade our memory. We have a lot of cookies cached and we have a lot of spyware and malware and all kinds of wares that go on inside of our heads. It’s really time to do a checkup from the neck up. Do some updates and decompressing, defragment right in between the ears. So, this is how you get started:


You can start today or tomorrow morning but every morning I want you to wake up and before you do anything, before you even get out of bed, I want you to take 10 minutes for you. Sit up in bed, take 10 minutes and come up with what I call, your morning ??  bowl. I want you to have a big bowl of grateful nuts.  I want you to mentally think and sit down at the edge of your bed.  You just woke up and you’ve already spent 10 minutes, maybe 15 at the most, thinking. I want you to come up with 3 to 5 things that you’re grateful for. Imagine that you’re basically spoon-feeding yourself. I want to challenge you to take these later in the morning and post them on one of your social media platforms.

You could upload a video, maybe tweet a post, maybe through a blog, whatever way you like to do it. You can literally take that content and put it to work for you on a social media platform because of what you’re grateful for.  You’ll see that people will engage with you in whatever you’re grateful for. Just imagine every morning you’re starting off your day with a big bowl of grateful nuts.


The ?? when you see this blog, if it’s spring to fall, the weather’s going to be nice. What I am going to highly recommend is you’re not so ?? or “not-so” soup. And that’s something you’re going to sip on and you’re going do that throughout the whole day. This is for your mental fitness. Your lunch is: you’re not going to allow yourself to walk into work or into your business or start your day (if you work at your home), whatever the case may be, before you start sipping the soup.

Now if it’s turning to winter, it should be “not-so-hot” coco. Does that make sense? You will want to do this when people come to you through either social media feeds or face-to-face contacts, whatever the case might be. When they want to talk about how bad the world is and how crazy things are, currently this summer we’re in the middle of a bruising Presidential election, which has been quite controversial.  It’s disturbing how a line is being drawn in our country. So, if you’re one way or the other way, I believe if you have a left wing ?? or right wing, it’s still the same bird and that bird is foul.  What happens is that on social media there’s a line being drawn and people will say how bad this person is and how bad that person is and how bad the world is, how bad the news is. It’s just insanity about all the garbage and all the noise. What I want you do is be sipping or mentally sipping the coco. Your goal is to let them know that that is not so and the world is not that bad. Both candidates are the same, there’s nobody else that wants to be president so whatever happens will not expressly impact you. You want to let them know that everything is not that bad and you have many great things happening in your life.  Subconsciously tell them what you want to focus on and don’t allow them to seep in during your 28-day mentally fit diet. You will need to excuse yourself from these conversations. Okay?


Stay out of your news feed at the start of the day. “Not so!” You have to have this not so mentality.  And then at night, it’s worrisome because at night, we have the “No, No TV dinner”.

Now, this is extremely important because you do not want the TV, the electronics, the games or the kids to distract you. You know, I recommend this time in the evening is your time to defragment, time to decompress all the noise of the day. There’s nothing worse than getting home and jumping on the couch or sitting in your favorite lazy boy chair, whatever happens to be your “bean bag.” Then you turn on the boob tube and it starts to reconfirm all those seeds of doubt; depression, self-loathing, just really limiting your self-esteem; sucking the life out of you. You really don’t want that. Turn it off, and get away from the TV! No TV for 28 days! Instead, re-engage with your family. Get to know your spouse.  Get to know your children.  Get to know your neighbors. If it’s during the time when the weather’s great, go to the park, have dinner in a park, do activities with your kids. Get to know your kid’s friends. Pick up something that you wanted to do as hobby. Right? That’s what you can do in 28 days. Maybe you can get back into reading because if you work with me, you have to know you have to read at least on a part-time basis; 10 to 15 minutes a day and if you’re fulltime, it’s 20 to 30. My higher clients are reading an hour a day.  Read at that amount of time.  Re-engage with something you did that you had fun doing. Pick up a dance class, maybe a food class or pick up pottery or painting, something you know will lift your spirits and help you decompress and hopefully defragment.  Remove the old stuff that’s spinning around in your head, that’s taking up RAM or memory that needs to be removed so some useful stuff can get in.


Those are my 3 steps to “28- day mentally fit challenge.” Start your day with a big bowl of “grateful nuts,” then your “not-so” soup or during the winter your “not-so-hot coco” and then at night, you’re going to have the “no TV dinner.” Now, here’s something that I can recommend:  During the day, (if it’s during the winter I actually do this), get those little instant packs of coco. Get them at the store. I like to go hand them out when people challenge me with having a bad life or day. Get the really good hot coco that comes in the instant packets.  I keep a couple of them in my shirt and in my jacket. When somebody starts to talk negatively, I give them a free cup of hot coco. I know it sounds funny!! But I try to let them know that, Hey, it’s not so bad, go have a cup on me and think about all the things to be grateful for in your life.”  Then I tell them that I’m part of a 28-day mentally fit challenge. What I’m doing is a checkup from the neck up and I try to get them in. I do that and the people get a kick out of it. It’s funny because it will direct people to me and they say, “you go see Michael, he’s got a cup of hot coco for you.”  They’ll come and ask what’s going on and then I’ll explain what’s going on. Do the same thing. Let this become a quarter thing with you and friends and family. Consistently upgrading your software into your hardware, I call it mind-ware for your mind.

Think about it this way?

I’ve got an iPhone 6+ and in a few weeks my upgrade is due. I am going to upgrade to the 7. Right? I’ll upgrade my phone. I’ll upgrade my computers. I’ll upgrade my living or update my car but it’s funny how we won’t upgrade the mind. So, for 28 days, I am going to challenge you to do this.

Down below I would love to have your comments on your 28-days of gratefulness.  At the end of the 28 days, I want you to come back to this page, please come back to this, and let me know what impact this 28-day mentally fit challenge had in your favor. Thanks for stopping by. It’s been a pleasure, and I am looking forward to watching your comments, likes and shares.


  1. Rebecca Rusch says:

    This is such a great idea Michael thanks so much for posting this! I can’t wait to go out and pick up some boxes of hot cocoa ????????????☕️ Think I’ll even get the ones with extra mini marshmallows ????????????

  2. Bridget says:

    You always have so much value and show u as a true leader you have the hugest heart for helping others I love this article and the knowledge and insight it gives

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