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Why a Coach!

Michael Farino Business Coach

Why A Coach by Michael Farino

Why is it so important to have a coach!



Michael Farino Business Coach

Why A Coach by Michael Farino

All through history every great #King, #Leader, #General, #President, #Church, #Country, #Business, #Actor, #Athlete, etc. had one thing in common. A Coach, Mentor, An Adviser, Priest even in one of my favorite movies The Godfather or the The Consigliere (also known as Consigliori) is an adviser to the family. Question is: Who is your Consigliere? Your Coach!

The importance of having a great coach can make a world of difference.

Total freedom, exquisite happiness and absolute calm is something I’ve always wanted, but didn’t understand the words. If you would have asked me 20 years ago if I wanted to fire my boss,drive exotic cars and party in Vegas on Saturday Nights when there was a big fight in town – I would have wanted that. .

It took my consigliere to break down exactly what that meant. Total Freedom = control of my hours in day. Exquisite happiness = experiencing life’s pleasures, meaning family, travel and affording the nicer things in life. My favorite, the hardest one to learn was absolute calm. Firing my boss was a great step in my career only to be replaced by customers. You know the people that tell you when to go home, when to get paid and when to take vacations.

The customers were my bosses. The only way to have calm was to put all of my systems into place. The only way to have systems is to learn what system worked for your business. At 30 years old I was working 100 hours plus a week, no family, no morality, no spirituality, emotion spent, thinking that dating strippers was okay. I was the business kid. Yes I was lost, trapped in the vicious circle of only money and girls and the bling to show off with. Things such as cars, girls, fancy places to hang out after 12-13 hours of work. All in all I was a mess.

I didn’t know who I was, just living from paycheck to paycheck. I was missing my fathers son, I was in desperate need of a needed a Coach! I had to have someone to run me, and help me find the balance, a center point to grow in all areas in my life. I look back today and realize I was months away from physical collapse or worse, maybe even death. I got my wakeup call during a movie called Jerry Maguire. It was looking in the mirror. Holy shit, that’s me. I was living for the money, empty in my soul the whole time. What came next was my rebirth — I found a coachThe rest is history, and what you will learn if you come to learn about me, #thegoodlifecoach program.

Finding the right coach can often mean the difference between life and death, and I am the living proof of that. Everyone needs a coach no matter what level you’re at in life, that is the point I am trying to make. I want to offer myself as your personal coach.

Watch the video, come learn what we are all about. Be the next great successful person in all areas of your life. It’s hard work but I promise you this: five years from now if you find yourself living in the same old place, doing the same old things, thinking the same way and getting the same results. But if venture on this journey with us you just may surprise yourself where you may end up.

Enjoy the video.


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