Farino as he is better known, found himself like most people was trying to live the lifestyle of the (Rich and Famous) on a beer and fish taco budget. As a concrete pumper in Southern California earning around 40 to 45k a year at the age of 22. Michael wouldn't have never thought that needing an extra $500.00 a month to make ends meet would have created his first "AH AHA" moment in life.

Michael learned the hard way after being rejected for a raise from his boss / best friend that if you are not building your own dreams, you will be paid just enough to get by in life building someones else's dreams. Michael shocked everyone around himself and left on that infamous day and was determined to never make that mistake again and joined the Multi-Level Networking world. WOW what an eye opener! Michael found himself with other highly motivated 20 something year old's marketing environmental products, such as Water and Air filters. Wearing $500.00 suits, exotic leather shoes, and Rolex's watches that he "couldn't afford". Michael join the MLM world during the fake it, till you make it era. Even though he was earning well above average income. He found out he was broke on a much higher level.

Michael no longer wanted to live the life of the typical MLMer’s earning a living from just recruiting. He set out to find a true residual income based on customers consuming daily services. Michael built, developed and trained his organization to well over 125,000 people and did 11.4 million in sells. Within just 8 short years he retired. For the last 17 years Michael has been on stage and behind the scenes of some of the largest companies in MLM as a performance strategist, brand ambassador, and trainer.

Being 45 a few years back and being diagnosed with cancer has made Michael rethink what matters in life. Michael shares a story wherein his father came to Michael a few years ago and said that “When a man has success once in life it’s luck, not success, but when that man can do it again – that’s true success.”

Well, once you get to know Michael, therefore we are here today: to show the world. You don't have to be some technical guru or be a great salesman to have success. You just must willing to learn the necessary mindset and skill-sets needed in today's digital marketing world. All I know is... Let Michael show you how to have your own "Ah AHA" moment

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